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All-New, 2020 Hyundai Sonata Revealed With Stunning Design, Premium Vibe



New, 2020 Hyundai Sonata Family Sedan

The company brought its A-game for round eight in the midsize family car segment.

Hyundai Motors has revealed the all-new, 2020 Hyundai Sonata, and it could very well have a winner on its hands.

To counter the shrinking sedan segment, the Korean automaker went the extra mile to make the eighth-generation Sonata stand out, giving it a striking yet elegant design that can be mistaken for a car much more expensive.

It also looks sportier than the previous Sonata thanks to its longer, wider and shorter and proportions. Needless to say, designers went for an attractive “four-door coupe” look, and we think they nailed it.

“A short overhang, sloping roofline and low deck lid create a balanced feel, and Hyundai’s signature chrome accent now goes all the way into the hood, making it look even longer,” says Hyundai design VP Sang Yup Lee. “It also has LED lighting built in. These cues bring the Sensuous Sportiness design to life.”

The overhauled interior appears just as upscale and is said to draw inspiration from from a Stealth aircraft, especially the winged-shaped instrument panel desihm. Satin chrome accents, ambient lighting, leather upholstery and shift-by-wire system that frees up stowage space contribute greatly to the cabin’s premium vibe.

Owners will be able to turn their smartphone into a digital key by downloading an app that works with the onboard Near Field Communication (NFC) tech to communicate with the car and unlock the doors.

What do you think about the all-new, 2020 2020 Hyundai Sonata? Do you like how it turned out?

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Hyundai Is Making A New Electric Car For 2020



2019 Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The Korean automaker is setting itself up to be a preeminent electric car brand.

Hyundai already offers several electrified models, like the Kona Electric and Ioniq, but those models share platforms with gas-powered models. The company has decided to go the extra mile with an all-electric car based on a dedicated new EV platform that it plans to release in 2020.

Not much else is known about the new electric Hyundai, but it is expected to have a driving range over 250 miles when it hits the market.

Ambitious Hyundai plans to invest heavily in electrified models over the next few years and has dedicated $40 billion to developing new vehicles. Approximately $2.95 billion of that amount will go to new electrified vehicles and another $2.2 billion to autonomous vehicles.

The goal is to introduce 44 electrified models by 2025 and have a Level 4 autonomous vehicle ready by 2021 in hopes of becoming “one of the world’s top three EV manufacturers.”

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Hyundai Santa Cruz Will Look Like No Other Hyundai



Hyundai-Santa Cruz pickup Truck Concept

The Korean pickup won’t look like the concept, but it will be distinctive.

Hyundai has apparently had a change of styling direction late in the development of the Santa Cruz pickup. While the concept featured a bold design language that was in line with Hyundai’s cars and crossovers, especially the front end, the production model will look like no other Hyundai.

In an interview with , Hyundai’s head of global design, SangYup Lee, suggested that company has adopted a new company design ethos that aims to turn more heads rather than make all models instantly recognizable as a Hyundai.

In other words, Hyundai has decided to ditch the Russian doll styling theme that has taken over the industry in order to inject more excitement into its lineup.

Lee added that the production Santa Cruz “will be a lot more distinctive” and have “a lot more character” than the concept. It will still be a crossover-based pickup truck like the Honda Ridgeline, one possibly sharing a platform with the Tucson, “but the look of it is a lot more progressive.”

What are you hoping to see?

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Baltimore Man Buys The First Hyundai Kona Electric In America



New Hyundai Kona Electric First Buyer

The crossover is one of the first long-range electric vehicles to be sold by an established automaker.

The Hyundai Kona Electric is finally on sale in the United States, and the first one went to a lucky buyer in Baltimore, Maryland.

Donald Small, director of pediatric oncology at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, took the keys in a small ceremony held by Hyundai.

He is a true green enthusiasts who has driven an electric vehicle for more than seven years, and his family has taken other measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

“As a strong advocate for eco-friendly living — which includes doing my part to reduce carbon emissions from the energy we consume — I’ve equipped my home with 64 solar panels connected to the utility power grid, and the sur renewable energy we produce is fed onto the grid.” Dr. Donald Small said. “By implementing renewable energy generation with net-metering, we rely less on the grid and produce more than 90% of our energy use.”

The Kona Electric is among the first of a growing list of long-range electric vehicles from mainstream automakers with mass-market price tags. It can travel for up to 258 miles (415 km) on a single charge, and has a starting price of $37,495 (before government incentives) for the 2020 model year.

Hyundai has not disclosed specific production numbers, but considering that General Motors has admitted that it’s some years away from making any money from EVs like the Chevrolet Bolt, it wouldn’t be surprising if availability of the Kona Electric remains relatively limited if it’s not it’s losing money for the company.

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