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Volkswagen Beats Toyota to Become World’s Largest Automaker



Volkswagen logo on grille

Pull over, Toyota, there is a new top dog in the world of automotive, and it’s Volkswagen!

The German automotive group is now the , ending the Japanese company’s four-year reign and realizing its decade-long goal to reach the top.

Interestingly, the title for world’s largest automaker is not determined by how many vehicles an company sells. Rather, it is based on how many cars they produce.

That said, only 100,000 units or so separates the two main contenders. Volkswagen produced 10,312,400 vehicles (up 3.8 percent) to Toyota’s 10,213,486 (up 1.3 percent), while General Motors — once the world’s largest for decades before being unseated by Toyota — trailed by with approximately 9,574,771 units (down 3.1 percent).

Though Toyota is no longer be the biggest of the big, it remains the most profitable, nearly doubling Volkswagen’s 2016 earnings. And there is nothing more important that profits, right?

Does the shift in the automotive world order change your perception of Toyota, Volkswagen and/or General Motors, particularly their cars? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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New Toyota Supra Is A Fuel Efficient Sports Car



New, 2020 Toyota Supra Sports Car, Red

The reborn Supra can take you far on a single tank of gas, so long as you don’t drive it like a sports car.

The new Toyota Supra is surprisingly very fuel-efficient for a 335 horsepower, V6-powered sports car. In the United States, it has an estimated fuel economy rating of up to 31 mpg in highway driving, 24 mpg in the city, and 26 mpg combined, which is nearly on par with many family vehicles like the Honda Accord.

Interestingly, the 2020 Supra is almost as efficient as its BMW Z4 cousin, which is powered by a smaller, 255 horsepower four-cylinder engine and gets up to 25 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway.

Now, considering those estimates were obtained using grandma driving methods, what are the chances that the average Supra owner hit them? Slim to none, if you ask me.

The Z4 is also available with the same 3.0L six-cylinder engine as the Supra, but tuned to make 382-hp, while its turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder will be offered in the Supra in select markets.

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New, 2020 Toyota Yaris Hatchback Debuts As A Mazda2 With A Nose Job



New, 2020 Toyota Yaris Hatchback

It’s a Toyota by name only and a Mazda in just about every other way.

Toyota gas brought back the Yaris Hatchback to compliment the new Yaris sedan that went on sale in 2018.

Like the Yaris sedan, the new Yaris Hatchback is essentially a Mazda2 with a Toyota face. The interior and mechanical bits, as well as the rest of the exterior, are all Mazda.

The latest Mazda2 is a good car, so the fact that Toyota decide to rebadge it is not necessarily a bad thing.

For it’s 2020 model year, the Yaris Hatchback will be offered in LE and XLE trim levels, both with a 1.5L four-cylinder rated at 106 horsepower. Power is governed by a six-speed automatic transmission.

Yaris LE models come standard with a seven-inch Touchscreen display audio system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, 16-inch alloy wheels, Smart Key Entry with Push Button Start, a rear backup camera, a first aid kit, and several other features.

Upgrading to the Yaris XLE gets you such extras as leatherette seating surfaces, automatic climate control, rain-sensing windshield wipers, automatic LED headlamps, and a leather-trimmed steering wheel, shift knob and parking brake handle.

Manufactured by Mazda in Mexico alongside the Yaris sedan, the new 2020 Toyota Yaris goes on sale in the second half of 2019.

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Toyota Kills The Prius C, Replaces It With Corolla Hybrid



2018 Toyota Prius C Hybrid Hatchback

Buyers are encouraged to go for the new Corolla Hybrid instead.

Now that there is a hybrid version of the popular Corolla, Toyota figures it has one too many small hybrid vehicles in its lineup. It has quietly killed off the Prius C hybrid to give more breathing room for both the regular Prius and Corolla hybrid.

The Prius C debuted in 2011 as a smaller alternative to the Prius Liftback, but the Corolla Hybrid is bigger and more efficient, matching the standard Prius’s 52-mpg combined rating in the United States compared to the Prius C’s 46-mpg combined rating.

“You’re probably not going to see Prius C for long,” Toyota marketing vice president Ed Laukes told . “The Prius C has served its purpose well.”

The fuel-sipping Corolla is intended to maximize sales of Toyota’s hybrid powertrain platform by appealing to a broader group of customers who may be put off by the Prius’ polarizing looks but still want extremely good fuel efficiency.

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