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Welcome to FbaPPs, where we pay tribute to the good cars — old or new; American, Asian or European; sports car or mainstream. We understand that there are only 24 hours in a day and a near infinite number of blogs, news sites, and people to follow. To spare you the overload, we set out to create a platform that brings you the news that matter and that allows you to keep up to date, discuss, share and learn about the developments in the automotive industry. A quick break-down of what we do:

  • Industry News: We cover the latest automotive news, auto shows and events and more 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Additionally, we provide opinion articles that thoroughly analyse the developments in the industry. The content is our own and written by our team
  • Tributes: The name AutoTribute signifies that we write tributaries on the most critically-acclaimed vehicles to grace this world. A good car is good car, regardless of its country of origin or class. We indiscriminately pay tribute to all of them.
  • Reviews: To make FbaPPs more comprehensive, we provide reviews on the newest cars to hit the North American (Canada and U.S.) market, aiding prospective buyers in their car shopping.
  • Car Videos: Our video channel, FbaPPs TV, brings you the latest videos from across the industry. such as new car promos and events, auto shows and other special events

FbaPPs Contributors

Kwame OwusuFounder, Editor in Chief
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As the founder of FbaPPs, Kwame is by definition not a gear head. No, his appreciation focuses mainly on the trends in the automotive industry. Initially just a visual observer, he finally put his time to good use when he created FbaPPs with a vision that it would be a place where people came to chat about the best cars and about the industry at large. His analysis of the industry can often be found in FbaPPs’s editorial pieces, where he holds nothing back.

But this is not to say Kwame has no appreciation for cars. In fact, having been behind the wheel of his fair share of vehicles, and having elicited the opinions of many other car owners, he has come to realize that not everyone likes the same cars he does. More importantly, he has come to realize that good cars come in different designs, sizes and specifications. Although he appreciates a BMW 3-Series for its sporty and athletic demeanor, he nonetheless understands why the Toyota Camry has been such a big sales success.

Kwame’s background includes an MBA from a prestigious schools in the frozen North where he specialized in Finance and Accounting. But as his work on FbaPPs shows, he is no — in the wise words of industry veteran Bob Lutz — Bean Counter. Whether he ends up working for a bank, an accounting firm or car manufacturer, his eyes will always be on the good cars of the world.

Speedy GoAssociate Editor
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Few people know the man behind the mask, but one thing is certain — he loves cars. More specifically, Speedy lavishes in sports cars or — in general — cars that handle better than one would think they could. An avid auto enthusiast, he spends his spare time obsessing over the latest car news, vehicle reviews and automotive editorials. This is complimented by his strong interest in the latest tech-features, particularly those pertaining to vehicle comfort, safety and — of course – performance. This makes him one of the most informed contributors at FbaPPs.

As one of the most technically-oriented writers on FbaPPs, Speedy covers the performance and technology side of the automotive world. His editorials are full of such relevant tidbits.

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