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Watch Tesla Model 3 Drifting In Snow



Black Tesla Model 3 EV, side view

Drifting in the snow is almost always fun regardless of the car.

Tesla has released a video showing the Model 3 being pushed to the limits during winter weather testing.

We see the all-electric sedan drifting around a few corners on the snowy mountain test track without sliding off the edge of the road, with the driver appearing to have a blast.

The Model 3 is currently offered in rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive variants. The latter is part of a Performance package with a Track Mode that optimizes traction control and other settings to improve handling on a closed course.

Watch it in action, and let us know what you think in the comments below…

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Tesla Model Y Small SUV Arrives As A More Practical Model 3



New Tesla Model Y Small SUV

The entry-level electric crossover is expected to replace the Model 3 as Tesla’s most popular model.

Tesla has finally unveiled the Model Y, an all-electric crossover that’s more important to its mass-market ambitions than even the Model 3.

Essentially a high-riding Model 3 with more seating and cargo room, the Model Y looks to capitalize on the popularity of crossovers and SUVs, which have been killing sedans the world over, both figuratively and literally. It can also be viewed as a smaller, more affordable Tesla Model X.

At launch, the Model Y will be offered in Performance and dual-motor AWD trims. The former is priced at $60,000 in the United States and will be the quickest-accelerating in the lineup, capable of launching from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 3.5 seconds and hitting a top speed of 150 mph (241 km/h).

The dual-motor AWD Model Y, on the other hand, has a $51,000 price take, completes the zero-to-60-mph sprint in 4.8 seconds and is limited to a 135 mph (217 km/h) top speed. Both are expected to have a driving range of up to 280 miles (451 km/h).

There will eventually be a rear-wheel drive Long Range edition of the Model Y that starts at $47,000 and features a modest increase in driving range to 300 miles (483 km) on a single charge, though acceleration drops to 5.5 seconds.

Finally, the entry-level Model Y Standard Range kicks everything off with a “bargain basement” $39,000 price tag, but steps down to a 5.9-second zero-to-60 time, a 120-mph (193 km/h) top speed, and 230 miles (370 km) of range.

The Model Y shares approximately 75 percent of its parts with the Model 3, explaining its familiar looks inside and out. It does a good job at mimicking a baby Model X but doesn’t get falcon doors for the sake of simplicity.

Bigger dimensions means occupants benefit from for 66 cubic feet of trunk space compared to the Model 3’s 15 cubes, and having conventional doors also allows owners to install a roof rack.

The options list include a $3,000 package to upgrade the seats from five to seven, 19-inch alloy wheels ($1,500), a number of exterior color choices other than black, a black and white interior, Autopilot, and full self-driving capability.

The Performance and dual-motor AWD Model Y are scheduled to arrive by fall 2020, while production of the entry-level Model Y Standard Range isn’t expected to begin until spring 2021. You can currently reserve a Model Y by sending Tesla a refundable $2,500 deposit.

Are you happy with how Tesla’s small SUV turned out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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“Cheap” Tesla Model 3 Finally Arrives With $35,000 Price, 220-Mile Range



Standard Tesla Model 3 EV, driving

There is a new addition to the Model 3 lineup, and it’s very ‘standard’.

Tesla has finally released the affordable Model 3 it has promised since the launch of its mainstream electric car. Priced at $35,000 in the United States after government incentives, the so-called standard Model 3 offers 220 miles (354 km) of range, a 130 mph (209 km/h) top speed and zero-to-60 mph acceleration time of 5.6 seconds.

The company was able to hit that price point by downgrading the interior. The seats have manual adjustments and are wrapped in cloth, while the navigation system and Bluetooth have been simplified.

For an additional $2,000, buyers can upgrade to a slightly more expensive Standard Range Plus package that increases driving range to 240 miles (386 km), boosts top speed to 140 mph (225 km/h), reduces the zero-to-60 benchmark to 5.3 seconds and adds a ‘partial’ premium interior.

“For 6% more money, you get 9% more range, more power, and an upgraded interior,” Tesla notes.

Tesla also announced plans to move all sales to online in order to be \ more “financially sustainable” automaker, closing some stores and converting some high traffic stores into galleries and Tesla information centers.

Standard Tesla Model 3 EV, interior

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Tesla Vehicles Get A Sentry, Plus Dog-Safe Mode



Red Tesla model-3 performance, rear motion

Potential thieves will have to deal with a classical German composer.

Tesla has introduced a new ‘Sentry Mode’ security feature and a dog-friendly mode that should make its vehicles even more interesting than they already are.

Sentry Mode keep an eye on the car by using the vehicles’ 360-degree cameras to record any potentially mischievous individuals in the vicinity. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the car will automatically play Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor if there is any disturbance.

Engineers also built upon the Cabin Overheat Protection system, which keeps the interior at a safe temperature for hours when the car is off.

As for doggie, the Model 3, Model S and Model X now have a dedicated “dog mode” that plays music and keeps the air conditioner activated when your canine friend is in the vehicle alone. It also displays a message that reads reads “I’m fine my owner will be right back” on the touchscreen, a provision likely intend to help avoid insurance claims if a concerned citizen or police officer mistakenly feels the need to break into the vehicle to rescue an animal.

All of the features were implemented via over-the-air software updates, so no need to buy a new Tesla to have them.

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