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Meet The Cullinan, The Rolls-Royce SUV



New Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV

For those who have wondered what a Rolls-Royce of SUVs would look like, wonder no more. The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is here, and it’s the real deal.

Named after the the world’s largest diamond, Cullinan is described as the first “three box” car in the SUV sector, with Rolls-Royce preferring to label it a “high-bodied car” rather than a traditional SUV. Then again, with so many automakers calling their raised hatchbacks utility vehicles, what really constitutes a SUV nowadays? Aren’t all crossovers just high-bodied, high-riding cars? I digress…

The Cullinan looks like what most imagined a Rolls-Royce SUV would look like, adopting the same general design as the Rolls-Royce Phantom, with the Spirit of Ecstasy proudly perched atop its long hood. It’s boxy, slab-sided design isn’t the most exciting thing we’ve seen, but this Rolls-Royce has a stately presence that cannot be denied. Giles Taylor, Director of Design, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, stated:

“At this point in the history of automotive design, SUVs have become homogenous and ubiquitous. We envisioned an authentic, three-box all-terrain high-bodied car with a convention-challenging design and absolute capability that would satisfy the adventurous urges of our clients.”

The Cullinan is based on an aluminum spaceframe architecture that debuted with the latest Phantom, and at 210-inches in length, is a full 8-inches longer than the Bentley Bentayga. It offers offers more cargo room (19.8 cubic feet) than the Bentayga (17.1 cubic feet). Folding the rear seats results in 21 cubic feet of cargo space.

Inside, there are two rear seat options — Lounge (Bench) Seat or Individual Seats. The driver is greeted with a smaller steering wheel than in other Roll-Royce models (the Cullinan is positioned more as a driver’s car), while the big and upright dash with acres of wood and leather is in true Rolls-Royce fashion. Like the Phantom’s rear doors, the rear doors are rear-hinged.

There won’t be a shortage of power with this 5,864-pound (2660 kg) Brit, since its 6.75-liter V12 engine produces a healthy 563 horsepower and 627 lb-ft. of torque. All that power is routed to all four wheels via a new all-wheel drive system. Top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph (249.5 k/h).

To make sure the Cullinan can deliver Rolls-Royce’s magic carpet-like ride even over rough off-road surfaces, it features a self-leveling air suspension that, in off-road mode, can actively push down any wheel that it detects is losing traction.

As to be expected, then new Rolls-Royce Cullinan doesn’t come cheap. Prices start at $325,000 in the United States, making it the most expensive SUV on the market. Do you want one?


Tesla Model 3 Is Not Recommended By Consumer Reports



Tesla Model 3 EV, Red

Consumer Reports isn’t as enamored with the Tesla Model 3 as Tesla had hoped and didn’t award the electric car its coveted “Recommended” rating.

Having previously expressed dissatisfaction with the Model 3’s build quality, the magazine now finds issue with its long stopping distance, difficult controls and several other inconveniences. This is probably not what Tesla CEO Elon Musk envisioned.

With regards to the abysmal braking performance, CR stated:

“The Tesla’s stopping distance of 152 feet from 60 mph was far worse than any contemporary car we’ve tested and about 7 feet longer than the stopping distance of a Ford F-150 full-sized pickup.”

Ouch! Naturally, Tesla had to spar with CR on the results. A spokesperson claims the Model 3 took an average of 133 feet to stop from 60 mph in the company’s own instrumented tests. However, CR actually tested two Model 3 sedans and got the same consistent braking results under the commonly-used SAE standard procedure of driving a car at 60 mph and then slamming the brakes until it comes to a complete stop.

Interestingly, the much lighter Model 3 takes 25 feet longer to stop than the much bigger Tesla Model X.

Reviewers also criticized Tesla’s entry-level electric vehicle for its stiff ride, excessive wind noise, unsupportive rear seat and hard-to-use controls. The minimalist interior does away with the traditional buttons and knobs, instead forcing drivers to use the center-mounted touchscreen and risk taking their eyes off the road to make adjustments.

Negatives aside, CR praised the Model 3 for its acceleration, which is on par with many sports cars, and handling. The observed driving range of 350 miles on a single charge was described as “the longest distance we’ve ever recorded in an EV.”

Is CR right in not giving the Tesla Model 3 a recommended rating, or are they just nitpicking? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Jaguar XK Could Return In 2021 As A Four-Door Coupe



Axed from Jaguar’s lineup in 2014, the Jaguar XK coupe will reportedly return in 2021 as not a two door but rather as a four-door coupe.

The XK has always been a traditional coupe, but the decline in the sports coupe segment might have forced Jaguar’s hand to try something different. According to Autocar, the next model is expected to be based on the next-generation F-Type and will be part of a new family of Jaguar sports cars.

The automaker’s head of product strategy dropped a few hints, stating:

“The F-Type has been a huge success. We love sports cars — and I use the plural quite deliberately. Whether that is delivered by a body variant or something else remains to be seen, but for now let’s just say that the body type is very important for us.”

Ian Callum, Jaguar’s head of design, previously expressed a desire to bring back the XK and revealed that work has begun on a new XK. If it does arrive as a four-door coupe, it will likely be Jaguar’s answer to the AMG GT four-door.

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Top Five Features Of A BMW



New, 2018 BMW M5, blue

BMW is renowned for making some of the best luxury vehicles on the planet. “The Ultimate Driving Machines,” as they are known, offer some of the most innovative and advanced features in the automobile industry.

Whether talking about the 5 Series or 7 Series, all BMWs have features that are ahead of the curve, literally, thanks to a carbon fiber and aluminum design that lowers the center of gravity of the sedans so they better handle curves.

Let’s look at five awesome features that !

The Driver Assistance Systems

BMW doesn’t even use names for their technology and features like all of the other makes and models. So instead of giving their vehicles “autonomous” driving systems, they provide the best driver assistance packages available today. After all, if you buy a BMW you want to drive it, still, it is nice to know that there are safety features that assist when driving. These include warnings for side collisions, lane changes, and lane departures. New BMWs will steer away from cars that get too close and offer advanced cruise control systems that brake and steer when needed.

Remote Control Parking

Well, maybe you want to drive a BMW but nobody has fun parallel parking. With new BMWs you don’t need to worry about it, the BMW will park itself via a remote without you even needing to be in the car. There are also panoramic and 3D views that allow for better vision when parking.

Connected Drive Service

We live in the digital age in a world dominated by computers and the internet. BMWs are the perfect car for the digital age. There are up to 10 wifi connections available in the vehicles, so no one has to go without the ability to connect to the car with their smartphone.

Dual Zone & Dual Fan Speed Engines

These twin turbocharged V-8s provide 456 horsepower, propelling the vehicle from 0-60 mph in less than four seconds. It can do that while allowing the driver and the passenger to set the temperature and fan speed individually to their liking. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Gesture Control Function

If you want to control things with just the wave of your hand, then the BMW has just the feature for you. With the Gesture Control Function, you can answer the phone, adjust the radio volume, as well as control various other functions all using simple hand gestures.

Like the BMW itself, BMW dealers tend to go above and beyond to provide the best experience possible to their customers. A visit to a local BMW dealer will introduce you to not only the most advanced and luxurious vehicles on the planet, but also to special programs that help better afford a great car and a great education, as well as other assistance programs. Plus BMW dealers provide excellent service and collision centers and to make sure your BMW stays on the road in tip-top shape.

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