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You Can Now Buy Honda Civic Type R’s Engine Separately



Honda Civic Type-R crate engine

If you’re a U.S. grassroots and professional racer, you can now purchase the Honda Civic Type R’s 2.0L turbocharged engine for verified, closed-course racing applications.

The 306-horsepower 2.0L K20C1 engine is available as a crate engine through Honda Performance Development’s Honda Racing Line program and can be had for $6,519.87, excluding shipping cost.

The Type R engine had been offered only in Europe and Asia, but now that the car is finally available in the United States, so is the crate motor.

New, 2018 Honda Civic Type R

However, unlike Dodge, which offers a 707-hp Hellcrate engine to just about anyone that can afford it, Honda is very picky about where its K20C1 engine goes. You need to be racing a Honda or Acura in a sanctioned series in order to be eligible.

Still, if you’re an amateur racers with enough time, cash and technical skills, you can apply the Type R treatment to new and classic Honda models — assuming you can find a sanctioning body that allows it, that is.


New Honda Accord Sales Off To Poor Start, Honda Idles Production



New, 2018 Honda Accord sedan

The evergreen Honda Accord has fared better than most competing sedans against the unrelenting SUV-crossover onslaught, but even it isn’t immune to industry trends.

In line with the shrinkage in the sedan segment, the new Accord hasn’t been selling as well as expected despite being a better vehicle than its predecessor in just about ever way, forcing Honda to idle production at its Marysville, Ohio, plant for up to 11 days over a four-month period. Times are definitely hard.

Production is expected to stop for two days each month, from April of 2018 through June, in addition to a five-day extension of the plant’s annual summer shutdown in July, and employees will perform non-production jobs or simply take the 11 days off when production is idled.

Honda’s dealers attribute the Accord’s slow sales to unappealing lease deals, especially when compared to its long-time rival, the Camry. Rick Case, CEO of Rick Case Automotive Group, which has Honda stores near Miami and in suburban Cleveland, :

“Where lease is heavy, like Florida, New York, Ohio and California, that’s where we’re getting hurt. When you get two cars as close as they are, it’s not that much better than the Camry that people are going to pay $50, $60 [or] $80 more a month.”

Case added that Accord sales are only at about half of what they should be and that Honda is hoping that the Accord’s accolades rather than traditional incentives will help draw buyers. With inventory increasing, some dealers are actually declining new shipments.

The Japanese automaker says that it’s listening to dealer concerns and will continue to work with them to ensure the overall value proposition with each of its models is competitive in the marketplace. It will be interesting to see how Accord sales fare in the coming years.

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Honda Resurrects Long-Dead Passport SUV For 2018



New Honda Avancier SUV - China

Are you old enough to remember the Honda Passport? Having been dead for while, it’s now being resurrected.

The Passport dates back to the mid 1990s and was Honda’s first SUV long before the CR-V or Pilot became the household names they are. Production ended in 2002, but the Japanese automaker has reportedly revived the name for an all-new, five-passenger crossover that slots between the CR-V and Pilot, much like it did with the new Insight.

According to , the new Passport likely rides on a six-inch shorter version of the Pilot’s platform and seats only five passengers. Leaked patent photos suggest it will resemble the Honda Avancier sold in China (pictured), especially from the profile, featuring blunt proportions and a sloping roofline for a coupe-like look.

As a five-seater, the Passport competes with the likes of the Ford Edge, Nissan Murano and Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, as well as the upcoming Chevy Blazer, in a relatively uncluttered mid-size crossover segment.

It will make its world debut at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show before going on sale in early 2019, with production expected to take place alongside the Pilot, Ridgeline and Odyssey at Honda’s Lincoln, Alabama plant.

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New Honda Insight Prototype Marks Return Of Insight Hybrid



New, 2019 Honda Insight Prototype

The Honda Insight hybrid is back but not as the car you expected.

After two attempts to take on the Toyota Prius, Honda has reinvented the Insight back as a stylish hybrid sedan positioned between the Civic and Accord, featuring styling that’s a mesh of the two. It’s no longer a funky-looking hatchback and, frankly, will upset far fewer people than the rather polarizing Prius.

The new Insight debuted as a prototype, but as is typical with all Honda prototypes, the production model will be virtually identical visually and mechanically. It is powered by the Japanese automaker’s two-motor hybrid system, which consists of a 1.5L gas engine and an electric motor backed by a lithium-ion battery pack, with both motors transitioning smoothly between each other in everyday use.

You might never need to stop at a gas station because the Insight will operate mainly as an electric vehicle, with its gas engine primarily serving as a generator for the car’s battery pack. However, should you, Honda is targeting a combined city/highway EPA rating of over 50 mpg — much better than the previous Insight, which barely managed to compete against the Prius.

Essentially the hybrid version of the Civic, the Insight will offer more room, comfort and on-board tech than its gasoline-powered counterpart, including a customizable 8-inch touchscreen display that allows users to create home screen shortcuts, a 7-inch LCD gauge cluster, and WiFi-enabled over-the-air system updates.

Honda hasn’t fared well with its dedicated hybrid vehicles, having recently put the poor-selling CR-Z hybrid sports car out of its misery. Add to that the added competition from Hyundai with the Ioniq and Kia with its Niro hybrid, and we don’t think the company risked skimping on its third attempt at the segment.

The production Honda Insight is scheduled to go on sale in 2018. Would you choose it over the latest Toyota Prius?

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