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Ford Creates ‘Team Edison’ to Develop Electric Cars, Tesla Flattered



Ford Electric Car Charging

Ford has big plans for the electric car segment, having announced the establishment of an internal team called “Team Edison” to develop a slew of new EVs.

Ford already has plans to introduce a battery-powered crossover vehicle with a range of over 300-miles by 2020. Not to be outdone by cross-town rival General Motors, the company will follow it up with several other electric vehicles beyond that time frame.

Team Edison was created to speed up the development of those vehicles and will operate independently within the company, focusing solely on electrics while other Ford divisions develop hybrid and plug-in hybrid drivetrains.

Sherif Marakby, Ford’s head of electrification and autonomous vehicles, told :

“We see an inflection point in the major markets toward battery electric vehicles. We feel it’s important to have a cross-functional team all the way from defining the strategy plans and implementation to advanced marketing.”

Ford is working on introducing 13 electrified vehicles over the next five years, including hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The company didn’t reveal when exactly they will arrive.

Fun Trivia: Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, whom Tesla Motors is named after, were bitter rivals that waged a “War of Currents” in the 1880s over whose electrical system would power the world. It was Tesla’s alternating-current (AC) system rather than Edison’s rival direct-current (DC) electric power that won, and Edison has generally been viewed as the evil genius of the duo.

As if a repeat of history, there has been a skirmish between Ford and Tesla Motors, one in which Ford denied Tesla use of the “Model E” moniker for the Model 3.

It’s interesting to see this bitter rivalry still live on today — Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla round 2. What does that say about Ford?

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Ford, Daimler, BMW, VW Form EV Charging Network Across Europe



Ionity charging network

BMW, Daimler, Ford, and the VW Group have formed Ionity, a new joint venture tasked with making it easier for electric car owners to charge their EVs easier and faster.

Ionity will be behind a new charging network that has a capacity of up to 350 kW per charging point and uses the European charging standard Combined Charging System to significantly reduce charging times compared to existing systems.

The company’s plan calls for the launch of 400 high powered charging stations by 2020 across Europe, starting with 20 in 2017 and an additional 80 in 2018. They will be maintained through partnerships with stores such as Tank & Rast, Circle K and OMV.

Chief Executive Officer Michael Hajesch stated:

“The first pan-European HPC network plays an essential role in establishing a market for electric vehicles. IONITY will deliver our common goal of providing customers with fast charging and digital payment capability, to facilitate long-distance travel.”

Ionity’s network will compete with Tesla’s Superchargernetwork, which is now 7,000 strong worldwide. Brand agnostic”, meaning it will be capable of charging all makes of current and future electric vehicles, and the four partners have invited other companies to join the venture

With an increasing number of European cities and even countries looking to ban internal combustion engines in an effort to cut emissions, Ionity represents a significant step toward increasing electric vehicle charging infrastructure and, thus, electric car uptake.

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Ford Details Mustang GT Performance Pack Level 2 Track Upgrades



Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack Level 2

Ford has detailed its new Mustang GT Performance Pack Level 2, which bridges gap between the Level 1 Performance Pack and the Mustang GT350.

Mustang GT models equipped with the Level 2 variant are distinguished by a new front splitter and rear spoiler, a lower ride height, and new split-fitment 19-inch wheels (19×10.5 inches up front and 19×11 in the rear) covered in grippy Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that are a little wider than those of the Level 1 package.

Ford’s engineers also retuned the Mustang’s MagneRide dampers and steering calibration, made the front and rear stabilizer stiffer, and increased the spring rates.

Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack Level 2

These upgrades work together to improve the Mustang GT’s overall performance, delivering better responsiveness and increased downforce for better cornering on any race track. Jamie Cullen, Ford’s supervisor for vehicle dynamics development, stated:

“It will just beg you to go faster. The car has lightning-quick response and never gives up grip.”

Visually, Ford Mustang GT models with Performance Pack Level 2 can be distinguished by black detailing on the splitter and spoiler, tire spat on the back edge of the rear wheel wells, and 10-spoke Dark Tarnish wheels.

The interior gains Recaro seats that can be had in either leather or cloth.

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Would You Spend $100,000 On A Luxurious Ford Pickup Truck?




In response to more demand for a ‘true luxury’ truck capable of towing over 15 tons, Ford has unveiled an even more luxurious F-Series Super Duty pickup. Price? Almost $100,000 if you choose to go with all available options.

The extra luxurious model in question is dubbed the Ford F-450 Limited 4×4, and in addition to having virtually all the best features the F-Series Super Duty line as to offer, is outfitted with a stitched leather-wrapped steering wheel; Camelback two-tone leather seats, the same leather used on the armrests and dashboard; a Miko suede headliner; and hand-finished dark ash wood trim.

A unique twin-bar satin grille with chrome accents, quad-beam LED lights and a satin-finish tailgate applique highlight the exterior.

2018 Ford F-Series Super Duty Limited

Todd Eckert, Ford Truck group marketing manager, said:

“There are heavy-duty truck customers who need Super Duty-level capability and want true luxury. We created this new truck to answer the call for even more premium choices in the Super Duty range as we see more and more truck customers trending to more premium models.”

According to Ford, more than 50 percent of Super Duty buyers already opt for high-end trims such as the Lariat, King Ranch or Platinum series. The Limited package supposedly takes the luxury prowess a step further.

Pricing starts at $80,835 for the F-250 Super Duty Limited 4×4 and $82,010 for the F-350 Super Duty Limited 4×4. The top F-450 Super Duty Limited 4×4 starts at $87,100, but can be optioned out to a whopping $94,455.

Would you spend nearly $100,000 on any pickup truck, let alone a somewhat mainstream one from Ford? Let us know in the comments below.

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