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Land Rover Discovery Can Tow A “Train”, Impressed?



Land Rover Discovery Tows Train

The new Land Rover Discovery is a truly capable vehicle on or off the road, and to prove just how strong it is, Land Rover towed a train with one. By train, we mean a 121-ton ‘road train’.

The unmodified Discovery HSE Td6 managed to pull the road train — measuring 328-foot long — for nearly 10 miles across the Australian Outback, demonstrating the award-winning towing capability of the improved Discovery, notably the HSE Td6 model with its 3.0-liter diesel engine that produces 254 horsepower and 443 lb-ft. of torque.

Land Rover Discovery towing road Train

Despite having a tow rating of only 7,716-lbs, the Discovery Td6 successfully towed 34 times that weight over a respectable amount of distance.

This isn’t the first time that Land Rover has tested the strength of its vehicle using a train. At its 1989 launch, the original Discovery was used to pull a train, and in 2016, the Discovery Sport premium compact SUV towed a trio of rail carriages 85ft above the Rhine River.

Are you impressed?

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California Looking To Ban Cars With Internal Combustion Engines



2011 Ford Mustang GT engine

Inspired by several major European cities and China, California Governor Jerry Brown is considering a sales ban on internal combustion vehicles at the state level.

You can bet the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal has been running through is mind, serving as a powerful incentive to push customers away from gasoline and diesel engines into vehicles with electric and other zero-emissions powertrains.

The Governor has reportedly began pressuring state’s Air Resources Board to look into the option. In an interview with , CARB chairman Mary Nichols stated:

“I’ve gotten messages from the governor asking, ‘Why haven’t we done something already? The governor has certainly indicated an interest in why China can do this and not California.”

If Brown gets his way, the ban will likely not be implemented immediately, but rather in the next decades. In fact, with predictions that the natural rise in electric powertrains could reach a tipping point if battery-powered cars become more affordable than internal-combustion vehicles, a prohibition might not even be needed.

That’s to say the market, with the help of tightening emissions regulations, will eventually bring an end to gasoline and diesel engines.

As much as I love internal combustion engines, a world without them should be an interesting place to live. Don’t you agree?

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2018 Chevy Equinox Diesel Rated At 39MPG In Highway Driving



2018 Chevrolet Equinox Diesel

Chevrolet has announced the EPA fuel economy ratings for the new, 2018 Chevy Equinox Diesel crossover, and it’s a big deal.

The Equinox Diesel is powered by a new 1.6L turbo-diesel engine that produces 137 horsepower and at 240 lb-ft of torque. According to Chevy, it can deliver 39 mpg in highway driving, which is better than the highway ratings for the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (30 mpg) and Nissan Rogue Hybrid (35 mpg). That makes the Equinox diesel the most fuel-efficient highway cruiser in the compact crossover segment.

Steve Majoros, marketing director for Cars and Crossovers, stated:

“Chevrolet continues to lead with technologies that offer customers more choice. Our three-engine turbo-charged Equinox lineup means we can provide drivers more options for the performance and efficiency they desire.”

An automatic start/stop system and other engine tech help improve mileage, especially in the city. Expect a combined EPA city/highway rating of 32 mpg.

Pricing for the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox starts at $24,475 in the United States, while the Equinox Diesel starts at $31,435. Sales of the Equinox Diesel begins in fall 2017.

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Mazda Has High Hopes for New CX-5 Diesel



White 2017 Mazda CX-5

The aftermath of the Volkswagen diesel scandal hasn’t deterred Mazda from offering a diesel version of its popular CX-5 crossover. In fact, the company has high hopes for the new model.

Mazda is looking to tap into the underserved North American diesel car segment, announcing at the unveiling of the all-new CX-5 in late 2016 that the compact crossover would be offered with a 2.2L SkyActiv-D diesel engine.

In an with Automotive News, Mazda North America President and CEO Masahiro Moro stated that the company expects at least ten percent of all CX-5 sales to eventually come from the diesel version. The company sold 112,000 CX-5s in the U.S. in 2016, so that represents a target of approximately 11,200 CX-5 diesel sales annually.

Although 11,200 units isn’t a huge amount in a red-hot SUV market, Mazda might be reaching a bit too high considering that North Americans — still reeling from the VW diesel scandal — continue to have problems seeing diesel vehicles in a good light. However, Moro says the CX-5 diesel will be a good starting point:

“CX-5 will be a very good indicator for us to understand where we have the opportunity and what kind of people come to buy those new technologies.”

We might see other diesel-powered Mazdas if the CX-5 diesel proves to be a success. Mazda originally planned to introduce a diesel version of the Mazda6 sedan, but decided against it due to difficulties meeting stringent emissions standards.

Does a Mazda CX-5 diesel, much less any diesel-powered car, interest you? Let us know in the comments below.

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