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The Different Kinds of Cars Keys, Which Do You Have?



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They say you should never stop learning until you kick the bucket, and we have something that should entertain and enrich your mind. Smart keys, laser-cut keys, switchblade keys and transponder keys have been around for a while to the point where they are no longer a luxury, but just how much do you know about them?

In this article, we share some super fascinating things about them.

Smart Keys

Smart keys aren’t keys in the typical “mechanical” sense. Instead, they’re fobs that are either inserted in the dash or, in more advanced units, they stay in your purse or pocket. The driver turns the vehicle on and off with the press of a button mounted on the dashboard (i.e. push-button start).

A smart key’s main security method is its ability to use rolling security codes. The car’s computer makes out the code given off by the smart key and verifies it before firing the engine up. Mercedes-Benz was one of the first automakers to use this technology, but just about every vehicle brand offers a smart key bundled in their high-tech packages. Toyota, for example, makes it available on many models.

Laser-Cut Keys

You may tell a laser-cut key apart from a basic key because its shank is slightly thicker and has less grooves. Laser-cut keys are typically referred to as sidewinder keys as a result of the shank’s distinctive cut. The machines required to cut such keys are a lot more expensive than your usual key-cutting machine and are less likely to be found at all locksmiths or hardware stores.

Laser-cut keys usually come with transponder chips and require programming by the dealer or a locksmith, preferably one who’s a member of the (ALOA). All-in-one laser-cut keys are becoming increasingly popular, but as we said, these keys are pricier and typically need to be replaced at the dealer. Prices may range from $150-$250 including labor.

Switchblade Keys

Switchblade key shanks fold into the fob when they are not in use, and then come out with the press of a button. They can have a basic cut or a laser cut. One advantage of the switchblade key is that its parts can be purchased individually. If for some reason your key is damaged and no longer works, you may buy the shank separately for about $60-$80. But the more likely scenario for most people is that the entire key is lost, in which case you’ll need both the shank and the fob into which it folds, increasing the cost to $200 and $300 after factoring in the programming of both components.

Transponder Keys

Around half-way through the 1990s, the world’s major car manufacturers began placing a transponder chip in plastic heads of keys. The chip gives off a signal to a receiver in the vehicle’s ignition. If that receiver detects that the wrong key is in the ignition, the car won’t start. We checked the price of a basic transponder key on a late-model Ford truck and the dealer quoted $160 for the key and an extra $75 for the fob.

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Honda Working On Electric Cars That Can Recharge In 15 Minutes



Honda Urban EV Concept

Other than revealing two retro styled concepts, one of which will enter production,
Honda has been pretty quiet about its future electric car plans. However, a new report claims the company is working on a new lineup of electric vehicles that will only require 15 minutes to recharge.

Most of today’s electric cars, be it a Chevrolet or a Tesla, take nearly twice as long to recharge using a DC Fast Charger.

According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Honda’s electric cars, which are expected to have a driving range of up to 150 miles (241 km), will have significantly reduced charging times thanks to a new high capacity battery that is being developed entirely in-house.

Even though fast charging times will definitely enhance the appeal of any electric car, the biggest hurdle is the inability of existing charging networks to provide such charging speeds. Fortunately, government officials in Europe, the United States, and Asia are working with the private sector to build thousands of high-capacity chargers before the next wave of electric cars hits the market, with Europe in particular expected to have 350 kW charging stations up and running by 2020.

Do you find an electric car that has a driving range of 150 miles and can recharge in 15 minutes competitive?

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Lamborghini Goes Full-Electric With Terzo Millennio Concept



Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept

The Lamborghini of today, with V12-powered supercars, is anything but eco-friendly, but that could change in the future. The company has unveiled the Terzo Millennio, its first full-electric concept car ever.

A collaborative effort between Lamborghini and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Terzo Millennio — means third millennium” in Italian — is so high-tech that it will be years before some of its technology actually shows up in a production model. It doesn’t use the typical battery pack that we see in today’s electric car, instead sourcing energy from supercapacitors and energy storage integrated into the carbon fiber body panels.

The supercapacitators provide rapid recharging capability and send electricity to four electric motors, one in each wheel for an all-wheel drive configuration. The layout frees designers from worrying about drawing a body that fits around a massive, mid-mounted 12-cylinder engine or a big, bulky battery pack, and that’s why the Terzo Millennio looks more futuristic than any Lamborghini to date, concept or otherwise.

The car’s entire body is made with smart composite materials that can hold electricity and detect small cracks, healing itself before those cracks before they become bigger cracks that comprise its structural rigidity. The chassis is manufactured using Lamborghini’s patented Forged Composites technology.

A virtual co-pilot shows the driver the fastest line around a track is the closest thing the Terzo Millennio offers in the way of autonomous technology.

Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali stated:

“We are inspired by embracing what is impossible today to craft the realities of tomorrow: Lamborghini must always create the dreams of the next generation.”

Domenicali comments suggests that we won’t be seeing the Terzo Millennio anytime soon. However, it could inspire the design of the Aventador’s successor, which is expected to arrive before 2020.

Do you like what you see?

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VW, Google Team Up On Quantum Computers For Traffic Optimization




At the Web Summit 2017 conference, Volkswagen and Google announced their partnership to bring quantum computing to the automotive industry.

VW hopes to use a Google quantum computer to continue the development of traffic optimization, explore structures for new materials, and improve artificial intelligence with new machine learning processes, all prerequisite for autonomous driving.

Abdallah Shanti, Executive Vice President and Group Chief Information & Digital Officer for Region Americas, Volkswagen of America, stated:

“Volkswagen’s collaboration with Google marks the beginning of quantum computing in the automotive industry. and is a paramount step to addressing modern mobility challenges unlikely to be solved with binary digital electronic computers. Through this partnership, Volkswagen intends to unlock the potential of this technology, and share our learnings to motivate the development of quantum computers and algorithms.”

This isn’t the first time that VW has used a quantum computer. In March 2017, the automaker used the computer to optimize traffic flow for 10,000 taxis in Beijing.

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