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Tesla Model 3 Has Arrived, Here Are 6 Interesting Facts



Tesla Model 3, white

The long-awaited Tesla Model 3 is finally here, with the first 30 units going to Tesla employees.

The company has a lot riding on what it bills the long-range electric car for the masses, and with over 400,000 people already signed up to get one, it may very well be on the way to becoming a global powerhouse in electric vehicles. Here are 6 interesting things you should know about the promising new Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 Interior tablet

1. Simple, Attractive Design

The Tesla Model 3 isn’t the only “affordable” long-range electric car on the market — General Motors’ Chevrolet Bolt was the first — but is it the best looking?

Well, unlike the Bolt, which seems to have strictly followed a function over form philosophy and, thus, looks somewhat dorky, the Model 3 actually looks like a regular car — a pinched Model S, if you will. The interior is the very definition of simple, featuring just a single, 15-inch dashboard screen for all infotainment duties. There is no second screen behind the steering wheel for the instrument cluster. It’s barren in there.

We want your answer: Is there a better-looking affordable long-range EV than the Tesla Model 3? Let us know in the comments below.

Tesla Model 3, rear

2. Long Wait Ahead

Yes, the Tesla Model 3 is currently on sale, but most of the people who pre-ordered one will have to wait until late 2018 to receive theirs because of a bottleneck at the factory that produces it. Tesla CEO Elon Musk hopes the company can increase output to 20,000 cars by December 2017 and 500,000 a year sometime in 2018.

Model 3 reservations have spiked from 373,000 units in April 2016 to 500,000 units as of the time of this writing.

Tesla Model 3, side

3. Two Variants

At launch, the Model 3 will be available in two variants. The entry-level car uses a standard battery pack, delivers a driving range of 220-mile range, can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 5.6 seconds, and reach a top speed of 130 mph. Each hour of charging from a 240-volt home station provides drivers 30 miles of range, but an hour with a supercharger increases that up to 130 miles.

Buyers looking for even more range will have the option of a Model 3 with approximately 310 miles on tap, thanks to a better battery. It reaches 60 from a standstill in 5.1 seconds before reaching a top speed of 140 mph. Charging from a home 240-volt station provide 37 miles of range per hour, while supercharging gets you 140 miles.

Tesla Model 3, top view

4. Affordable and Expensive

How can the Tesla Model 3 be affordable yet expensive, you might be asking? Well, Musk has touted it as its electric car for the masses and, with a starting price of 35,000 (not including federal and state tax incentives) for the base, 220-range model in the United States, he just might have an argument. However, the price can quickly jump once you start adding options.

The long-range Model 3, for instance, starts at $44,000, while choosing any color other than black or the optional 19-inch wheels will cost you an extra $1,000 and $1,500, respectively. There is a $5,000 premium package that adds 12-way power and heated seats, wood trim and other upgraded interior materials, a premium sound system with more speakers, a pair of rear USB ports, power-adjust steering column, tinted panoramic roof and auto-dimming, LED fog lights, a center console with two phone docks, and power-folding and auto-dimming side mirrors.

Yes, you can get into a Tesla Model 3 for $35,000, but considering that hardly anyone in the luxury car segment buys a base model without a few extra options, it may be considered too expensive to be a Tesla for the masses.

Tesla Model 3 Self-Driving

5. Self-Driving

Like the larger, more expensive Model S sedan and Model X SUV, the Model 3 can be ordered with Autopilot (a $5,000 option), allowing it to drive itself on highways, including changing from one freeway to another, exiting, and parking.

There will be a fully autonomous, $3,000 option later on in the Model 3’s life cycle, and it will be issued via software update. You won’t be able to get it without first having Autopilot.

6. Safety First

Tesla has been hyping up the safety of its vehicles for years, but the Model 3 seems to take things a whole new level. In making the car light and affordable, Tesla’s engineered managed to also deliver what will be one of the most structurally safe cars on the road.

Shown above is a side-by-side crash demonstration with the Volvo S60 — a vehicle that has earned a 5-star safety rating — of the dramatically higher safety standards Tesla is pursuing with the Model 3.

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8 Things To Look For When Buying A New Car



White Kia Stinger Sports Sedan

Is there anything more fun than getting a new car? It goes without saying that when buying something as expensive as a car, it’s very important that you find one that you’ll love for the long haul.

Maybe you don’t really care about investing a lot of money in other areas of your life, but your car — possible the most important thing to you — is something you have little to no issue splurging on. But regardless of how big your budget is, you want to make sure that all your bases covered. The last thing anyone wants is to think you know what they want only to end up with regrets.

OK, so you have your money together and desire a car — what should you get? Better yet, what should you consider when deciding on a model? There are a number of criteria covering all facets of the car that you should consider, notably its look, performance, safety, and conveniences features.

The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” also applies to cars, so keep reading to know what to actually look for.

1. Good Value

Let’s kick this off with something that’s relatively subjective but nevertheless important to every car buyer and that’s making sure you are getting the .

Whenever you’re buying anything, no matter how much it costs, you’ll always want to make sure that you get the best value for your money. So here, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cos of what you’re getting for the cost and compare them to the features of competing models to assess how reasonable of a deal it is.

2. Safety

Then, you’ll want to check out the safety features. This is something that we all tend to overlook but one that requires the utmost consideration.

The last thing anyone want is to be involved in a car accident, so make sure your car has the necessarily features to prevent one from happening in the first place and mitigate any injury to yourself and to others.

3. Performance

Any then there is performance. Horsepower, braking and handling can make or brake the appeal of car, and whichever ones you lean towards will depend for your unique preference. Not all the offer great performance, so make sure you do your research before heading to the dealer.

4. Space

This is also something people tend to overlook, but the amount of space you and your passengers have plays a critical role in how comfortable everyone will be.

Having ample passenger and cargo space is especially important if you have family and / or like to take long trips. You need room to stretch your legs and ample space to store your gear.

5. Great Economy

Nobody really wants to end up with a car that goes through gas like an alcoholic goes through booze and pollutes the environment without a hitch. Save money at the pump by making sure to consider the car’s fuel economy.

6. Technology

Cars have become supercomputers that can do everything. Maybe you can’t be bothered with the latest and greatest in , but for all those who care about such convenience features as satellite navigation, call syncing, rearview cameras, etc, making sure you have them on your must-have list when shopping for a car will make living with your car easier.

7. Maintenance Costs

The upfront cost of a car, as large as it might, is not the only cost you have to worry about. Routine maintenance and potential repair costs all have to be factored into the equation, and you certainly want to minimize them as much as possible.

You might able to buy your desired car, but can you afford to run it? Some cars are just less expensive and than others.

8. Personalization

You can now personalize your car like never before, with certain models allowing you to choose from a bevy of color combinations inside and out, different instrument cluster styles, and other nifty features. Add to that the broad selection of aftermarket accessories such and mods and you can pretty much customize your car to be a reflection of your unique personality.

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Why Racing Real Cars Might Be A Good Hobby For You



Ferrari Race Car on Track

When you’re looking for a new hobby to fill your evenings and weekends with, the time-honored pastime of stamp collecting isn’t likely to cut mustard. You are more dynamic than that, so maybe your ambition is to be the nation’s best pub quiz competitor or you might even have a special passion for collecting minerals.

No, you’re probably the kind of person who needs a bit more flash and fury in their life, who enjoys any and every opportunity to seek out and indulge in an adrenaline rush, and who has that burning and hard-to-describe need for speed. Have you considered racing?

Whether you want to get into motorsports proper or are just interested in having drop off a Go-Kart for some impromptu thrills at the local arena, going fast in a car or Go-Karts for sport is the kind of pastime that can have a life-transforming impact. Here are some reasons why you should consider racing as a hobby.

For The Heart-Pumping Thrill Of It

Let’s face it, life can get pretty boring from time to time. Action movies, thriller TV series, and assorted high-octane novels can transport us to a world where everything is a series of adventures, explosions, and Martinis shaken not stirred, but our daily routines typically involve us sitting around for long stretches of time doing nothing much other than watching paint dry.

If you feel that your office job routine gets a bit grating for your liking and that the world seems a bit more grey than it ideally should, racing might be the perfect way of breaking the pattern and getting that you’ve been craving.

There’s just no denying the fact that speeding around a race track is an exciting way to spend an afternoon.

Express Desire For Competition & Aggression

People, as a rule, naturally thrive on a certain amount of competition. Some, of course, will feel this impulse far more than others, but aggression and the will to win are hardwired into human beings at a pretty fundamental level.

Racing allows you to explore and express your and aggression in a healthy context, where no one gets hurt and where everyone knows the deal when they enter the track.

If you’ve got a lot of pent-up frustration in everyday life, you may well find that this pastime gives you an excellent outlet.

Makes You Active, Puts You In The Real World

It’s very easy to fall into a pattern of sedentary living in today’s world. Many of us sit around all day at work, only to come home and lounge in front of the TV or computer.

It’s not even that we need to get out of the house to , either. Often, we’ll get our adrenaline kick by breaking out the XBox and playing some game for the better part of the evening.

Racing is a hobby that gets you out into the real world, sparing you from resting on your sofa too much.

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4 Common Auto Loan Misunderstandings



Toy Car On Cash Money

For most people, the easiest way to buy a car is through a local major brand dealer, which usually able to provide access to factory-trained personnel and on-site financing. However, even though your local brand dealer has the best of intentions, it’s still a good idea to know all the options available to you when it comes time to buy.

To help you out, we surveyed the car finance officers at , a car financing company in Phoenix, AZ, and they explained that loan misunderstandings do occasionally occur. This is likely because not everyone lives and breathes accounting concepts. Here are a few of the common loan issues people run into.

1. Your Credit Score

Your credit score, from 300 to 850, is based on feedback from financial institutions that you interact with. The main three companies that calculate your credit score are: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The important thing to know is that your credit score can vary among these three agencies. Before you sit down with a loan officer at the car dealership, check out your credit on one of the free credit websites (ex: You may find out that it is lower than you think because of errors, errors that you may be able to correct before visiting a car dealer.

2. Down Payment, Monthly Payment

Before you sit down with the loan officer at the car dealership, know what you are comfortable paying per month for your new car and how much you can put down for down payment. If you want a low monthly payment, be prepared to put a sizable down payment down.

3. Cash Rebate Or Low Interest Rate

Car manufacturers often offer cash rebates on their new cars, but if you don’t need the cash, they usually offer a special low interest on the loan. In deciding which is the better option, do your homework — the method netting you the best savings will vary from offer to offer.

4. Are You Upside Down?

“Upside down” is the term used to describe when you owe more on your car than it’s worth. When a dealer tells a consumer that they are upside down on their trade-in, they may offer to build that “negative equity” into the car financing of your new car. You should understand that when you do this, you will be essentially paying on two cars with your new loan: interest and principle on that negative equity and interest in addition to the principle for your new car. This is a less than optimum situation but, while you could potentially , there might be no alternative sometimes. Always make sure the car you are buying holds its resale value well.

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