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Panamera Wagon is Nice, But Porsche Dealers Still Want More From the Sedan



2018 Panamera Sport Turismo hatch open

Impressed but but completely won over by the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo, Porsche’s dealers are still clamoring for another version of the all-new Porsche Panamera sedan.

The Panamera sedan is the dream car of a lot of aspiring men, but the fact that it only seats four people makes it less practical than most mainstream sedans. Essentially a wagon version of the Panamera, the Sport Turismo addresses that problem by offering seating for five and a lot more cargo room to boot.

However, as versatile as the is Panamera Sport Turismo is, there is still a strong aversion to wagons in many parts of the world, especially North America. The fact that it’s the only Panamera model to offer five seats makes many Porsche’s dealers unhappy.

Joe Lawrence, COO of Porsche Cars North America Inc, told :

“It’s fair to say that dealers would like to see [five seats] also available in the sedan. That’s something we’re discussing, and we’ll see what the future holds.”

Would five seats make you more likely to buy a Porsche Panamera sedan? Let us know in the comments below.


Audi e-tron Electric SUV Can Travel Over 248 Miles



Audi e-tron prototype electric SUV

Audi has revealed that the e-tron can travel over 248 miles (399 km) on a single charge using the WLTP test cycle. Not only that, but the electric SUV can also accelerate from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in less than six seconds.

The Audi e-tron features a variable recuperation system that recuperates energy with up to 22 lb-ft. of torque and 220 kW of electric power, representing more than 70 percent of its operating energy input. According to the German automaker, no other production electric car has achieved that level.

The recuperation system accounts for up to 30 percent of the e-tron’s impressive range and features three modes: manual coasting recuperation using the shift paddles, automatic coasting recuperation via the predictive efficiency assist, and brake recuperation with smooth transition between electric and hydraulic deceleration. That’s right, this EV can recuperate energy solely via the electric motors and without using the conventional brake.

Two electric motors deliver 365 horsepower (265 kW) and 413 lb-ft. of torque, though a boost mode that can be activated in a 8-second window allows the driver to increase power up to 402 horsepower (300 kW) and 490 lb-ft. of torque.

Reservations for the Audi e-tron begin in September 2018.

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Lexus LC Convertible Likely In The Works



Lexus LC 500 Sports Car, side

The Lexus LC lineup is about to double in size. In addition to developing of a more powerful LC F, Lexus has reportedly green-lit an LC convertible.

An inside source revealed to that the Lexus LC convertible is coming and should be ready within the next 18 months to two years.

Details weren’t revealed, but the model will fill vacant void left by the Lexus IS C, which was discontinued back in 2015.

Yoshihiro Sawa, president of Lexus International, told the British publication:

“I hope that we will have a convertible in the near future. We know the luxury market requires a convertible. We are always studying the possibilities. And yes, technically it’s possible.”

It was believed that the IS C would be replaced by an RC convertible, but the company cancelled that plan to focus on SUVs.

With the Lexus LC looking as good as it does with a hard-top, just imagine it with its top off.

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Cadillac Hopes To Double Global Sales With CT5, XT4, XT6




Cadillac has big hopes for its upcoming models. In a presentation to investment bankers and analysts at the Deutsche Bank Automotive Conference, parent GM outlined plans to significantly increase the brand’s sales volume and profits over the next four years.

The calls for a two-fold improvement in Cadillac’s sales and profits over the next four years, with most of the increase coming from the addition of the new XT4 compact crossover (pictured); CT5 sedan, which replaces the ATS and CTS in 2020; and the large XT6 three-row crossover.

The XT4, in particular, fills a every important void in Cadillac’s lineup — utility vehicles, especially compact models, continue to sell like hot takes — and replacing both the ATS and CTS with one model is a smart move considering the rapid decline in the sedan segment. The XT6 will be for those who want something tamer than the highly-successful and profitable Escalade.

There will be other new Cadillac models, but we don’t think any of them will be as important as the XT4, XT5 and XT7. With its crossover bases now mostly covered and growing popularity in China, the world’s largest car market, Cadillac should have little trouble increasing its sales perceptibly and padding its bottom line.

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