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New Jaguar XE Sports Sedan Revealed, Set to Battle BMW 3-Series



New Jaguar XE Sports sedan

Jaguar Land Rover’s biggest jab at BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi to date has been revealed — meet the new Jaguar XE sports sedan! With the British automaker unabashedly making it quite clear its intention to go after the Germans with extreme prejudice, the XE hits the competition at where it truly counts.

Designed to go head-to-head against the bread-and-butter 3 Series, C-Class and A4, Jaguar’s compact sedan enters the fray with a clean sheet design featuring a rectangular radiator grille, elongated headlights, three large air dams up front; smooth grooves on the sides; and a discreet spoiler and long horizontal tail lamps out back. It’s essentially a smaller version of the Jaguar XF and XJ.

Inside, the XE’s performance-inspired cockpit features an instrument cluster with analog gauges, a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, and a clean center stack that houses an eight-inch color touchscreen. Buyers looking for a more engaging appearance will have the option of two-tone upholstery.

The XE’s infotainment system — called ‘InControl’ — is accessed through the aforementioned touchscreen and offers occupants with specially-designed apps, full smartphone connectivity for both iOS and Android operating systems, and a wi-fi hotspot. Additionally, it integrates the cars various entertainment, climate control, and navigation functions, with all controls being accessible via voice commands.

One optional feature that most drivers will find useful is a laser-projected heads-up display that shows a wide array of information, including vehicle speed, navigation guidance, traffic sign recognition and cruise control setting. Not only is the system cool, but it also greatly reduces driver distractions.

The XE was developed around a lightweight, aluminum-intensive construction, so much so that aluminum accounts for more than 75 percent of its body structure. The heavy use of the metal grants it the most torsional rigidity and the lowest curb weight (3,250 pounds, depending on specification) of any full-production sedan Jaguar has ever built.

Power is provided by a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 engine that produces 340 PS and 450 Nm (331 lb-ft.) of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission drives the rear (standard) or all four wheels, allowing the XE to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 4.9 seconds before hitting an electronically-limited top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h).

Buyers, particularly in Europe, will also have the option of less expensive 2.0-liter Ingenium four-cylinder petrol and diesel units. A six-speed manual transmission and / or ZF-designed eight-speed automatic will be offered, depending on the engine.

The new Jaguar XE will make its public debut at the 2014 Paris Motor Show before going on sale in early 2015. It will have a starting price of around £27,000 (~ $43,500).


Jaguar Trademarks ‘J-Type’, Hints At New Sports Car



Jaguar C-X75 hybrid supercar

Not long after trademarking the C-Pace name with the European Intellectual Property Office, Jaguar has now trademarked ‘J-Type’, a name that hints at a new sports car.

The British automaker has traditionally reserved the “Pace” suffix for its crossover-SUVs and “Type” suffix for its sports cars, leading us to believe it could be interested in adding a new sports car to its lineup. It could end up being a replacement for the F-Type or a more substantial standalone model.

Pictured above is the Jaguar C-X75, a 850 horsepower hybrid supercar that we think is too hardcore for such a name.

Jaguar design director Ian Callum has stated that Jag was open to the idea of the F-Type replacement being mid-engine and that the two-door coupe was originally envisioned as mid-engine.

We’ll have to wait and see what they end up doing with the J-Type name. Until then, what do you want Jaguar to do with it?

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Is Jaguar Planning A Crossover Coupe Called ‘C-Pace’?



Jaguar E-Pace SUV, White

Jaguar is reportedly working on the J-Pace, a large crossover that will slot above the F-Pace, but could it also be planning on a more coupe-like crossover called the ‘C-Pace’?

The British automaker has with the European Intellectual Property Office, and the fact that it use the ‘Type” suffix for its crossovers and SUVs leads us to believe the prospective model will likely be yet another addition to its growing crossover lineup that includes the E-Pace, F-Pace and electric I-Pace.

As for form, don’t be surprised to see the C-Pace join the ranks of the Mercedes-Benze GLE Coupe, BMW X4 and X6, and other crossover coupes.

The new Jag could also end up being a smaller crossover that sits below the E-Pace — letter C comes before E, after all — however, that seems unlikely considering how diminutive the E-Pace already is. For that to be a reasonable possibility, the E-Pace will have to get bigger.

What do think Jaguar will use the name for?

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Jaguar Land Rover Launches Carpe Subscription Service



Jaguar F-Pace SVR Super SUV

Jaguar Land Rover has launched its very own vehicle subscription service after testing it out for five months, one it calls Carpe.

Initially available in the United Kingdom, Carpe is a monthly service with pricing starting at 1,154 pounds ($1,534 US) for the Jaguar E-Pace SUV and 2,244 pounds (~ $2,980) for a Range Rover Sport. The contract runs for one year with no mileage limits or deposit.

A company spokeswoman told that the service will eventually be expanded to other markets and more Jaguar- and Land Rover-branded models such as the Jaguar F-type and I-Pace full-electric car will be offered. He stated:

“It proved that there was a demand for this flexible short leasing. The next phase will be to expand the number of packages available. After that we can potential look further afield.”

Jaguar Land Rover joins a growing list of premium automakers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Porsche and Volvo to roll out all-inclusive lease services for a monthly fee. Fun fact: the word “Carpe” is Latin for “seize”.

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