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Hyundai is Working on a 10-Speed Transmission



Hyundai Genesis

Showing that it’s not the kind of automaker to rest on laurels, Hyundai is reportedly working on a new 10-speed transmission that will be used in its luxury models such as the Genesis and Equus. The new 10-speed transmission is mainly intended to improve fuel-economy and will likely be available in 2014.

There was once a time when a four-speed transmission was the thing to have. However, that’s not enough in an era of six, seven and eight speed transmissions. Hyundai recently launched a new eight-speed transmission in for the 2012 Genesis and Equus,

To some critics, a 10-speed transmission is overkill, but in our eyes, if it helps fuel-economy (however marginal ann improvement) and if the company can afford it, then there is no harm having this piece of tech.



Hyundai, Kia Show Off Wireless EV Charging, Automated Valet Parking



Hyundai EV Wireless Charging, Automated Valet Parking System

After essentially charging itself, the vehicle automatically reparks itself in an empty spot.

Hyundai and Kia have revealed a new Automated Valet Parking System that makes it easier for electric car owners to charge and park their EVs.

The innovative feature informs the driver of the vehicle’s remaining battery charge and automatically finds wireless charging stations. When instructed, the vehicle then proceeds to drive on its own to an available charging station and charges wirelessly via magnetic induction, before navigating to another vacant parking spot so that other EVs have access to the charging station.

Once the driver is ready to go, the car autonomously returns to his / her location. Watch it in action…

Hyundai and Kia hope that their new Automated Valet Parking System will alleviate crowding at charging stations once electric cars gain prominence. But despite combining several technologies that are already under development, it isn’t expected to be ready until 2025.

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Hydrogen Car

Hyundai Delivers Its First Nexo Fuel Cell Vehicle



2019 Hyundai Nexo First Delivery

The promising hydrogen-powered SUV is off to the races!

Hyundai is celebrating the delivery of the first Nexo, the first mass-produced fuel cell SUV for North America.

The car went to Todd Hochrad of Ventura, California, a former scientist and eco car enthusiast who purchased his first hybrid car back in 2003 and has since owned various hybrid and pure electric models.

The Nexo offers an impressive driving range of up to 380 miles (612 km). For the 2019 model year, is available in two trim levels, Blue or Limited. The Blue trim level can be leased for $399, while the Limited trim level is priced at $449 for 36 months.

You can own one outright for $59,345 before any government credits and other such incentives.

The Nexo comes with the first year of maintenance for free and is eligible for a California tax credit up to $5,000. Hyundai also gives buyers hydrogen fueling cards that cover the fueling costs for the first three years.

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Hyundai Elantra Owner Drives 1 Million Miles With Original Powertrain



2013-Hyundai Elantra 1 Million-miles

Hyundai was so impressed they gave her a new car.

Hyundai doesn’t usually give out free cars, so you can bet Farrah Haines earned the brand new 2019 Elantra the Korean automaker gifted her.

Haines is a delivery driver in Kansas who drives about 200,000 miles a year delivering auto parts and other products. She managed to clock one million miles on her 2013 Elantra without swapping out the original powertrain, an impressive feat for any make of car.

“My Hyundai has been a great car to me,” Haines said in a statement. “I love to drive and have made a successful career out of it, so it was no surprise that I was able to get to a million miles.”

“This is not only a milestone for Farrah, but also for Hyundai and the quality of our vehicles,” a congratulatory Dean Evans, CMO, Hyundai Motor America, stated. “Reaching one million miles with the original powertrain in just five years is an extremely rare and incredible achievement. We created the 1 Million Mile Emblem because we believe in making things better for our loyal customers and look forward to other Hyundai drivers joining Farrah in the one million mile club.”

We wish Haines another one million miles in her new Elantra.

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